Saturday, 12th October

9.00am Frank & Laura – special int

6.00pm + Nora Gaiger (the Family)

28th Sunday, 13th October

7.15am Mass in Polish

9.00am Zachary Homer’s 10th Birthday (the Homer Family)

11.00am Bishop’s Family living and dead

12.30pm Mass in Polish

Monday, 14th October

8.30am Family Anniversary (Jo Donovan)

8.30am Bishop Family living and dead

Tuesday, 15th October

8.30am + Jim Gallagher

Wednesday, 16th October

8.30am + Vincent Harrison

Thursday, 17th October

8.30am Katie Ross – thanksgiving (Philomena & Family)

5.00pm Funeral reception of John Earl

Friday, 18th October 

8.30am Bishop Family living and dead

11.00am Funeral Mass for John Earl 

Saturday, 19th October

9.00am La Salette Parishioners & Visitors

6.00pm + Tony Dorrian (the Family)

29th Sunday, 20th October

7.15am Mass in Polish

9.00am Felix Adebanjo – special Birthday intention

11.00am + Ray Shaw & Eileen McGrechen (Jean)

12.30pm Mass in Polish