Saturday, 4th April

La Salette Parishioners & Visitors 

+Micheal Candlyn & Leslie (Joan)

Palm Sunday, 5th April

+Agnes O'Donnell (The Family)

+Bernardette Sullivan (Margaret) 

Monday, 6th April 

Bishop Family - living and death

+Bernardette Sullivan (Anne) 

Tuesday, 7th April

For the souls in the purgatory 

Maria Karalus

Wednesday, 8th April

For the souls in the purgatory

Maundy Thursday, 9th April

+Desmond (Carmel)

Good Friday, 10th April

Saturday, 11th April

+Peggy Dove (Maureen & Bernard) 

Easter Sunday, 12th April

Joy Ewebe - special int. (Birthday) 

+John Earl