Saturday, 10th April

9.00am Deirdre Went (Maureen & Jeff)

9.00am Mick Kane (Margaret Pigrem)

6.00pm Desmond (Carmel)

Divine Mercy Sunday, 11th April 

9.00am  + Angela Cody (Linda & Paul)

11.00am + Anthony Elu

Monday, 12th April

8.30am + Ann Sullivan (Margaret Pigrem)

8.30am + Kevin Miller (Anne Slorach)

Tuesday, 13th April

8.30am + Terry Boyd (Sheila)

8.30am + Joan Peters (Margaret Pigrem)

Wednesday, 14th April

8.30am Kathleen Leary (Amanda)

8.30am The Bishops Family

Thursday, 15th April 

8.30am + Kathleen Donnelly (Anne Slorach)

8.30am Ruby & Alfie – Birthday Blessings

Friday, 16th April 

8.30amDaniel – Special Intention

8.30am +Kathleen Donnelly (the Gaiger Family)

Saturday, 17th April

9.00am Lisa – 50th Birthday Blessings

9.00am + Joan Peters (Margaret Pigrem)

6.00pm + Sylvia Smith (Nicola and Jamie)

3rd Sunday of Easter, 18th April

9.00am + Pat Walsh

11.00am For Joy Ewebe - special intention (Birthday and thanksgiving)