Saturday, 22nd February

9.00am + Alan (Derek)

6.00pm La Salette Parishioners & Visitors

7th Sunday, 23rd February

7.15am Mass in Polish

9.00am Thanksgiving (the Schiff Family)

11.00am + John Murphy (Lil)

12.30pm Mass in Polish

Monday, 24th February

8.30am + For all deceased Members of the Buckley & Daly Families (Linda & Paul)

8.30am + Melissa St Pier (Peggy Willis)

Tuesday, 25th February

8.30am +Anne Milne (Josie, Eddie & Family)

8.30am Holy Souls

Ash Wednesday, 26th February

9.30am  Ellie Gunn (Linda & Paul) (school)

7.30pm Holy Souls

Thursday, 27th February

8.30am Holy Souls

Friday, 28th February

8.30am Brigid & Ann

7.00pm Stations of the Cross followed by Mass: Holy Souls

Saturday, 29th February

9.00am + Joan Lucey (the Bennett Family)

6.00pm + John Murphy (Maura & Family) 

1st Sunday of Lent, 1st March

7.15am Mass in Polish

9.00am +Edvardas (the Family)

11.00am + Rose O’Connor (the Family)

12.30pm Mass in Polish