Saturday, 18th May

9.00am La Salette Parishioners & Visitors

6.00pm +Bernadette Sullivan (La Salette school staff)

5th Sunday of Easter,19th May

7.15am Mass in Polish 

9.00am + David Daly (Linda & Paul)

11.00am + Pat Knowles (Denise & David)

12.30pm Mass in Polish

Monday, 20th May

8.30am + Bernadette Sullivan (Margaret & Derek)

8.30am ‘Special intention’ for Fr. Tom Jordan (the Pigrem Family)

Tuesday, 21st May 

8.30am + Bernadette Sullivan (Josie, Eddy & family)

8.30am + George Kelly

Wednesday, 22nd May

8.30am Bernadette Sullivan (Margaret Pigrem)

8.30am Special int for Florence Pigrem

Thursday, 23rd May

8.30am Bernadette Sullivan (Jeanine & Tony)

8.30am Thanksgiving for Prayer answered (Claire & Margaret Willis)

10.00am Funeral Mass of Tony O’Keefe

Friday, 24th May

8.30am + Kate (All the Family)

8.30am Margaret Pigrem – Special int (Brenda Tisi)

Saturday, 25th May

9.00am Joanne Bullivant (Mary)

6.00pm + John Murphy (Maura & Family)

6th Sunday of Easter, 26th May

7.15am Mass in Polish 

9.00am La Salette Parishioners & Visitors

11.00am Thanksgiving for 50 years of Marriage

12.30pm Mass in Polish