Saturday, 4th December

9.00am La Salette Parishioners / + Adam Wozniak (29/30)

6.00pm + Catherine Kay (Nicola and Family)


2nd Sunday of Advent (year C), 5th December

9.00am La Salette Parishioners & Visitors

11.00am+ Kay Galvin (Maura Murphy)


Monday, 6th December

8.30am + Ellen Barker (Josie and Family)

8.30am Ann Sullivan (Tina and Sean)


Tuesday, 7th December

8.30am Simon and Denise Turrell (Anne Slorach)

8.30am + Kay Galvin (Helen Archer)


Wednesday, 8th December

8.30am The Bishop Family, living and dead

8.30am + Paul Randall (Amanda)


Thursday, 9th December

8.30am + William Stringer

8.30am James (for Good Health)


Friday, 10th December

8.30am Angule Stafford (Carmel) 

8.30am + George Chilton


Saturday, 11th December

9.00am All Souls in Purgatory 

6.00pm + Catherine Kay (Tina and Family)


3rd Sunday of Advent (year C), 12th December

9.00am Pippa Homer’s 6th Birthday

11.00amKathleen Wager (the Family)