Saturday, 7th December

9.00am The Bishop Family – Living & Dead

6.00pm + Michael, Carolyn & Leslie Peters (Joan)

2nd Sunday of Advent, 8th December

7.15am Mass in Polish

9.00am + John Earl (Joan & Family)

11.00am + Joan Lucey (Past Members of the Ladies Guild)

12.30pm Mass in Polish

Monday, 9th December

8.30am Eve Coke (Young at Hearts)

Tuesday, 10th December

8.30am Augule Statford (Carmel)

8.30am Gethin Crome (the Family)

Wednesday, 11th December

8.30am  + John Earl (Paul Howe)

Thursday, 12th December

8.30am Pippa Homer’s 4th Birthday (the Homer Family)

Friday, 13th December

8.30am + John Earl (Philip & Theresa)

8.30am + Joan Lucey (Josie & Family)

Saturday, 14th December

9.00am + Joan Lucey (the Earl Family)

6.00pm + Maeve Dorrian (the Family)

3rd Sunday of Advent, 15th December

7.15am Mass in Polish

9.00am + Harry Howe (Paul)

11.00am La Salette Parishioners & Visitors

12.30pm Mass in Polish