Saturday, 18th January

9.00am La Salette Parishioners & Visitors

6.00pm + John Earl (Maureen & Bernard)

2nd Sunday, 19th January

7.15am Mass in Polish

9.00am James Maguire (Ann, James & Lisa)

11.00am + John Earl (Jackie & Mick)

12.30pm Mass in Polish

Monday, 20th January 

8.30am + Jack Slorach (Anne)

8.30am For Souls in purgatory

Tuesday, 21st January

8.30am Frs. Mariusz & Kris (the Lucey Family)

8.30am Intention for Parishioners (the Earl Family)

Wednesday, 22nd January

8.30am + John O’Neil (Margaret Earl)

8.30am + Nora Murphy (Maura & Family)

Thursday, 23rd January

8.30am + John O’Neil (Cathleen Galvin)

8.30am For the Bishop Family – living & dead

Friday, 24th January 

8.30am Mathew Pears (Jill and Peter)

8.30am For conversion of Sinners & salvation of Souls

Saturday, 25th January

9.00am For the souls in Purgatory

6.00pm + Norman Koch (the Family)

3rd Sunday, 26th January

7.15am Mass in Polish

9.00am + Joan Lucey (Pat & Joanna)

11.00am Ammon & Victoria Anyoqu (Angela)

12.30pm Mass in Polish