Saturday, 19th September 

9.00am Souls in the purgatory

6..0opm Thanksgiving (Jo & Stan) (First Communion Mass)

25th Sunday, 20th September 

9.00am +Henry Micheal Coughlan 

11.00am Frances & Orakwue - special intention  (First Communion Mass)

Monday, 21st September

8.30am +Ann Milne (Josie, Eddie and Family)

8.30am +Father Tom Jordan (Pigrem Family)

Tuesday, 22nd September 

8.30am Joan Slorach - special intention

8.30am +Larry Dunne (Joanna and Pat)

Wednesday, 23rd September 

8.30am For Jill and Peter Pears - wedding anniversary (Sherley and Family)

8.30am +Danny Stephens (Josie, Eddie and Family) 

Thursday, 24th September 

8.30am For the souls in the purgatory 

8.30am +Larry Dunne (Angela Richards and Family)

Friday, 25th September 

8.30am +Denis Sullivan (Josie, Eddie and Family)

8.30am For the souls in the purgatory

Saturday, 26th September 

9.00am +Mathew Pears (Pears Family)

6.00pm +Sue Donovan (June and Glen) 

26th Sunday, 27th September 

9.00am +Colin Whatson (Pat and Joan)

11.00am Parishioners & Visitors