Saturday, 8th December

9.00am La Salette Parishioners & Visitors

6.00pm + Nora Gaiger (Maria Schiff)

2nd Sunday of Advent,  9th December

7.15am Mass in Polish 

9.00am + Fay Foran (Maura Murphy)

11.00am + Keith Wilson

12.30pm Mass in Polish

Monday, 10th December 

8.30am Angule Stafford (Carmel)

8.30am + Nora Gaiger (the Parsliffe Family)

Tuesday, 11th December 

8.30am + Margaret Lynch (Margaret Pigrem)

8.30am + Fr Joseph van Rickenbacha M.S.

Wednesday, 12th December 

8.30am Pippa Homer’s 3rd Birthday (the Homer Family)

8.30am David McDonough (Pat & Joanna)

Thursday, 13th December 

8.30am + Fr Joseph von Rickenbacha M. S.

8.30am Gloria & Kieran – special intention

Friday, 14th December 

8.30am + Fr Joseph Meiera M. S.

8.30am La Salette Parishioners

Saturday, 15th December

9.00am + Harry Howe (Paul)

6.00pm +Maeve Dorrian (the Family)

3rd Sunday of Advent, 16th December

7.15am Mass in Polish 

9.00am For the Bishop Family – Living  and Dead

11.0am + Ann Mitchell + Theresa Bates (Jim & Family)

12.30pm Mass in Polish