Saturday, 14th September

9.00am La Salette Parishioners & Visitors

6.00pm Paul’s intention (Jo & Stan)

24th Sunday, 15th September

7.15am Mass in Polish 

9.00am For the living & Deceased of the Bishop’s Family

11.00am + Gary Smith (Barrie & Joyce)

12.30pm Mass in Polish: For the Holy Souls (1/9)

Monday, 16th September

8.30am + Dennis Quirke (Margaret & Pat Kelleher)

8.30am For the Holy Souls  (2/9)

Tuesday, 17th September

8.30am La Salette Parishioners & Visitors

8.30am For the Holy Souls  (3/9)

Wednesday, 18th September

8.30am + Thomas Punter

8.30am For the Holy Souls  (4/9)

Thursday, 19th September

8.30am Fr John Dolan M.S. (Friends)

10.30am School Mass & procession to the shrine: For the Holy Souls  (5/9)

Friday, 20th September

8.30am Jane, Laura & Frank – special intention

8.30am For the Holy Souls  (6/9)

Saturday, 21st September

9.00am For the Holy Souls  (7/9)

6.00pm Thanksgiving (Jo & Stan)

25th Sunday, 22nd September

7.15am Mass in Polish:  For the Holy Souls  (8/9)

9.00am La Salette parishioners and visitors

11.00am Thanksgiving for Manndred (the Adophy Family)

12.30pm Mass in Polish