Saturday, 26th November

9.00am + Anthony R.26/30

6.00pm + Liam Hoey


1st Sunday of Advent, 27th November

9.00am + Ted O’Brien (Josie)

11.00am La Salette Parishioners and Visitors


Monday, 28th November 

8.30am Remembrance Envelopes

8.30am +Anthony R. 28/30


Tuesday, 29th November 

!!! 10.30am Deceased Priests of the Havering Deanery

!!! 10.30am + Anthony R. 29/30


Wednesday, 30th November

8.30am Remembrance Envelopes

8.30am + Anthony R. 30/30


Thursday, 1st December

8.30am + Ray Shaw (Josie and Family)

8.30am + Mary Ann


Friday, 2nd December

8.30am + Ted O’Brien (Helena and Vic)

8.30am + Caroline Yourdel


Saturday, 3rd December

9.00am Nuala and Andrew Pereira – wed. Blessing

6.00pm +Teresa Joseph (Dominic and Family


2nd Sunday of Advent, 4th December

9.00am La Salette Parishioners and Visitors

11.00am +John McKie (Bernadette and Steve)