Saturday, 23rd May 

Pears Family (Maureen and Bernard)

7th Sunday of Easter, 24th May 

Parishioners and vistors

Monday, 25th May

Nickolas and Vincent Hennessy (Maureen and Jeff)

Peter Fuller (Jose, Eddie and Family)

Tuesday, 26th May

+ Matthew Pears (Jill and Peter)

Joan Slorach (Anne)

Wednesday, 27th May

+ Matthew Pears (Jill and Peter)

+Amelia Byrne (Anne)

Thursday, 28th May

Patrick Timney (Josie, Eddie and Family)

Friday, 29th May

+Ann Mitchell

+Thoamas Grattan

Saturday, 30th May

Parishioners and visitors

sr Therese Cooney (Kevin and Loraine)

Pentecost, 31st May

Parishioners and visitors